First Day on the Throne

January 9, 2017

“The Sofa Hinge”

As the sun shines directly upon my body, I am feeling so blessed because it is a chilling 30 degrees. Growing up in Southeast Georgia, I haven’t been able to get acclimated to this “frigid” weather. In addition to the sun’s radiant glow, my eyes are thankful for the making of transition lenses. Though they may be out of style these days, they are currently saving my dear pupils.

Becoming distracted by the zooms and whooshes of cars passing by, I just encountered a young man. Dressed in a large black hoodie, sporting sunglasses about his face, I see him carrying several jackets. I wonder if he’s taking them to someone… my mind immediately goes to those who are suffering in this cold weather without any proper clothing and or shelter. One day, I hope to be able to provide for those in need.

No signs of any animals nearby, except for the birds in the sky.

My area is quite tranquil… actually, it’s a little too calm. I’m hoping someone else passes by. I’m not very close to the side walk, so maybe if people decide to cut across the grass, I’ll be able to talk to them.

The feeling in my fingers is beginning to slowly decrease. The wind is not so graciously sifting through my scalp- oh the joy of braids. I have to remember to wear cozy attire next time. Maybe it won’t be so cold.


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