Day 2 on the Throne

As i sit and write today, I can’t stop thinking about Part 4 of “Eyes on the Prize”, that we just watched. it’s amazing how determined and unified the African American community became under the pressures of injustice. When asked if there were any comments, all I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Heart-wrenching sights were seen. People were dehumanizing those who bled the same color blood as them, but they looked different on the outside… To get my mind off of it, i just look around my space. It’s quite windy and chilly out right now. There are huge leaves,  that have fallen off of the trees surrounding the area, floating in the wind. Free.. I wonder how it would be if we were truly be free, just as those leaves- floating without care.

Around me, a few of my classmates are walking around because it rained overnight, so our spots are wet. Luckily, I came prepared and brought a towel that I could sit on. Today isn’t so bad. I loved today’s class period. There’s not much that I can write right now because my hands are currently freezing. I never got the gloves that I was supposed to get.


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