Peace Fountain Brainstorm

When the idea of the Peace Fountain Project was brought up in class, I absolutely fell in love with it. I’ve been thinking about the prompt since it was given to us. I definitely would like to create a social media page to highlight the Fountain’s essentials, also providing some info in the captions. Our class could create a page (of our choice) for the Peach Fountain, and as we went along we could add the beauty of Tatnall Square.

Questions to Consider:

Will we broadcast ourselves on our page?

What is our page about?

What is the page’s name?

What type of content will we provide?

How creative will we get with our captions?

What will help the page gain traffic?

Should we use Hashtags/Geotags?

Do we want the page to continue after our class is over?

*An Instagram page would be fun*


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