How Can We Enhance the Fountain?

On February 10, 2017, our class split into different groups. There was a group specifically focusing on Geo-tags/Geocaching/Scavenger Hunts, an event group, and one harping on the advertisement of the fountain’s beauty (pamphlets, website, signs, plaques, etc.). The 50 minutes that we used in class to brainstorm was both successful and fun. From my idea of the social media page, I was informed that the park itself has a website. However, it was brought to our attention that the park already has its own website. Dr.Silver presented the idea of us developing a special page off of the site and trying to advertise it at the fountain, inviting people to take “tours” from the web page that we create.

With the development of our web page, it also aids and benefits the other groups as well. As each group went around explaining their group’s purpose, it was easy to see how interconnected our ideas were. Having our web page would enhance the delivery of each groups information. For those who were interested in QR codes/Geo-tagging, etc., it would be a simple task to create the QR code and posting it on the web page, making it available for those who have access to it. Those who had the idea of creating an event, could collaborate with the QR code, intertwining that with their possible “tour”. Their event could also be posted on our page, helping it gain traffic.

In addition to seeing how essential our web page could be, various members within my group had ideas to surround the fountain with a plaque that explains it (date built, who it was built by, purpose, etc.). We also had an idea of creating a a pamphlet to help lead those and provide a legend. Our group is aware that someone has a legend in the library, but I can’t remember the person’s name. All in all, the project is moving smoothly and seems like it will be a lot of fun once we get things finalized.


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