Power of Protest

Without protesting publicly, protesting surely wouldn’t be protesting, as we know it. Protests involve getting the word out and expressing an objection to a situation.

The system works by exposing information and that’s what occurs during a protest.

Your ideas must be let known, whether its by subjecting your whereabouts to a square, public area, or through mass media.

You’re “living with the refusal to lie, the refusal to hide [ultimately gaining] strength” (115). You are letting the world know.

In the US, Republican senates have created a new legislation increasing protesting penalties amongst 18 states, knocking the civil liberties of US Citizens. Eliminating the ability and the freedom of speech allows the government to control the people, which is ultimately, the underlying issue.

One of the biggest fears that these regimes have is documentation through media. Media grants access to the ins and outs of what is occurring.

Jehane Noujaim knows it all too well.

Jehane Noujaim an Egyptian American filmmaker visited her home in Cairo, Egypt, to immerse herself back into the culture.

Upon her arrival to the airport she was thoroughly searched and revoked of her DVDs of old film, a film she loved. A film that she worked hard to create. They asked what she had, she lied, and disposed of her “contraband”.

Then there was a change.

She began to think about the unarmed protesters in the square protesting the violence of security forces and the manipulation of the government in regards to elections. She was reminded by the janitor who retrieved her belongings that there was no reason to fear what was right.

In the square, where she was headed, there was no division, but “equality and solidarity” (118). It was all one movement.

A body.

From that day on, she found a new perspective in the way she would carry out her walk in life.

The square awakens.

It prepares a place for a “relentless fight for change” (123).

Legislations that prohibit the right to articulate concerns are damaging. They attempt to damage the dreams and darken the world.

The increasing protest penalties that the government has implemented, is not something that Noujaim or avid/potential protesters would believe in.

Putting restrictions would forbid people to “create a conscious space that pull[s] [others] in and make[s] them see beyond their limits (123).

Those penalties would limit you, disallowing the world to gain consciousness or a voice.

We need change. We need the square (unity).


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