10 Ways to Resist Authoritarianism

The effects of authoritarianism have been delegitimizing the rights of citizens all around the world. Authoritarian regimes have a great way of manipulating others, usually upon political ideals. While experiencing the dehumanizing schemes of an “all controlling” regime, there is a way to fight back. To resist. To prevail. To conquer.

Listed are 10 Ways to Resist Authoritarianism:

Acknowledge the Issue

Some times if you feel like something is going wrong, most of the time it is. You may call it intuition. Acknowledge what is going wrong. How does it affect you? How does it affect others? How long will it continue? Is there a stop to the madness? The issue exists. Before solving the issue, you must realize that it is there.

Educate Yourself

It has been proven many times and times before, that if you don’t know what’s going on it is best to educate yourself. Make yourself known about your surroundings. There will be a long and hard road of resistance, if you don’t know what is actually happening. You will face many who will try to challenge your ways, but you must know what’s going on in order to come back with a strong rebuttal. Others may also want to join you. Who wants to join a group that is unfamiliar of the cause?

Direct Action

Now that you understand what the issue is, what will you do next? TAKE ACTION. Sitting on your couch, watching the world go by is not action. There’s a saying that reads, “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream”, so WAKE UP. Make the seconds, minutes, hours, and days of protesting count.

Join with Others

Join with those who share common goals. Join those who are oppressed. Join those who are targeted. Gathering together will created a unified space, despite of diversity, because you will all be familiarized with each other’s stories- stories that will create a powerful uproar. You want to resist, right? You can’t do it alone.

Be Organized

Being a larger group, there must be organization. It is required with most things in life. Resisting authoritarianism is a big thing in itself, and if not done in an orderly fashion, many things can go wrong. You can even face the threat of not achieving your goal to throw them down. Organize several groups, positions, jobs, that will generate success to resist. An unorganized group will not be taken seriously.


Although the regime is taking its necessary actions to bring you down, don’t fall into the same trap. Once people see and understand that you’re being preyed on, while not acting on it, you will gain the upper hand morally and through outside support. It looks bad when someone is being attacked for doing nothing but being peaceful. Remain respectful.

Resistance Area

Where will you meet? You need a meeting place. A centralized area calls for a lot of attention and would be the most beneficial space. Make sure there is enough room to accommodate many people- you never know who will  join your campaign. Ask yourself these questions:

Use Mass Media

Get your word out! Exploit, exploit, exploit. Use social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Make films, take pictures and POST. Let the world know. Capture the emotion, the feeling, and the desire from the people. The world must see what you’re experiencing. The world must be familiarized with the manipulative plots being used to suppress others. You have the power. Use mass media as your source.


When things don’t seem as if they’re panning out how you’d like, keep doing it. When others think you’re silly for engaging in something you YOU know is important, keep doing it. When there are legislations passed that will penalize you for standing up for what is right, do what you can to still support your personal ideals. Don’t give up. Persevere. In the end, you will win.


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