March 27, 2017

Spring is here and so are the allergies.

The pollen and plants near my “throne” seem to be quite too much for me. My eyes are tearing up and my throat is scratchy, but I’m still enjoying the day.


In lieu of the resisting works that we’ve read, I will not act out my example of resistance. I’ve decided to switch to a new sit spot for the day (not just because I was being broken down by the pollen grains, floating through my mouth and nasal passages).

I’m currently sitting in the “Hope” section, hoping that I will soon be able to take another dosage of Zyrtec.

There are mothers (also one father) running around and through the park, with their babies. Some of the babies look as young as 3 months. I’m proud of those parents. It makes me wonder if I could even crank out a few miles postpartum… Kudos to them. It’s so cute to see a baby head occasionally pop out from behind the stroller.

OOOOH, the breeze is here.

It feels great, but I also know that this windy is just stirring the pollen around, like a spoon to a big pollen pot.

I just sneezed.

I’m about to lay across the bench and think now…

Time is passing by.

It’s time to go.

You know what this means.



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