April 3, 2017

Today, the moms were actually working out in my spot today.

I was walking with Dr. Silver and Brandi. He was so excited that they were exercising in that area.

The original idea was to create those various areas. within Tatnall Square Park, where the activities could occur.

What a great day! Vertical jumps on the rocks!

After witnessing the mothers, we walked around and check on the trees. A few of the trees have been chopped off by the weed wacker. Dr. Silver has instructed the landscapists to cut off the weeds, however, they’re cutting too closely to the trees.

There were weeds around the trees today, so we spent a bit of our time, pulling them up as well as learning the importance of keeping the area free of those pesky additions.

I walked to another seating area that is directly in front of the fountain. I stood in the center and said a few words, while speaking to Brandi about the trees, and my voice reverberated around the space. It sounded as if I was in an empty symposium. My voice was able to project.

Being the first time I’ve been able to sit out in park since or last sit spot, I really enjoyed it.



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