Sit Spot – 4/10/17

As I was walking to class this morning, I ran into Celia. She was bringing me gardening gloves because I never purchased any for the semester. What I learned from her is that her dad has his own lawn company, so that’s why she was able to bring Trey and I extra gardening gloves.

I was telling her about the grievances that Dr. Silver was having due to the workers neglecting the weeds and some of the trees. She mentioned that her dad would be the perfect fit, for he always takes care of his job.

I enjoyed picking out the weeds once I was able to decipher between an actual plant and a weed. After pulling out a few plants, I then realized what I was doing wrong. l0Iy4ARBMHASMvpZe.gif

Next time, I will do a much better job. I promise.

Around my sitting throne, myself, Thomas, and Chris did a great job clearing the weeds. Upon completing the clean-up on our end, I traveled to DeJae’, Andrew, and Trey’s side. Andrew and Trey were digging up a stake, singing songs, which made my heart very pleased. I learned that Andrew is hilarious. While in class, he rarely talks, but today brought about a new Andrew.

Maybe the 80° weather brought about this activity. Whatever it was, I loved it.

After working today, I thought about not only Celia’s dad and his workers, but my landscapists, and others that have to engage in tedious yard work. The fact that we didn’t do much work, yet I was still a little physically bogged down, I can only imagine how much work they have to do.

I would definitely participate in an activity like this again. It relieved stress and brought along a lot of laughter and enjoyment. I was able to learn more about my colleagues outside of the classroom than I have inside. I believe in the writings of Olmsted and his belief of parks existing as a place of rehabilitation and increased health.

Oh, the sounds of weeding.

The sounds of weeding bring about friendship, awareness, and a better Earth.


Not to rudely interject on the wonderful park cleaning stories but soon we will be having our last sit spot day. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that. It’s quite odd really. I suppose I will see how I feel when the day comes.


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