The Construction of 2nd Street Corridor

The 2nd Street Downtown Corridor Area 3 of Downtown Macon is to be a product of mixed-use.

Mixed-use developments absolutely differ from single use areas because it entails many different avenues and integrates commercial, residential, and industrial uses.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.36.17 PMTo some extent, I feel that the vision of 2nd Street Corridor will be successful.

The idea that has been mentioned in all key areas is to put the park back in the city.

Putting the park back in the city will attract more passersby and bring much more economic stability to the area.

There is even an idea to create what the Macon Telegraph says to be a  “$50 million commercial development in downtown Macon — the largest in decades”. Creating this area will definitely increase revenue and stimulate investment.

Since the development is much more in tune with what the city and government desires and their hope to transform Macon, there will be some way found that makes it happen.

What people what, people get- people that make enough noise that is.

We’ve learned from protestors as well. If you get the consistently get the word out, a change will come.

However, because of the implementation of the 2nd Street Downtown Corridor, other areas will be affected."A photo of the original Wilson Electric Company, circa 1930. "

One area, in particular, is that of Roger Wilson and his family.

A business that has been around since the early 1900s has still remained prevalent and successful in the Macon community,

In order to create the city square and complete the 2nd Street Corridor, The Wilson’s business must be moved.

Becuase of the sentimental value that their business holds, the Wilson’s are absolutely opposed to this newfound creation.

If I were Commissioner, there would have to be some sort of compromise. In order to get what I want, in the process of possibly being a detriment to a major family business, like The Wilson’s Wilson Electric Company, I believe that sitting down with the Wilson family and approaching the situation from economic and successful communal standpoint, as well as one that will benefit them, will be successful.

It is extremely difficult to take a family away from what they’ve always known. There is an emotional attachment to the area. It also does not seem right to take that one place from the area, but in the long run it will be beneficial for the community.


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