Village Green’s Blight

Blight seems to be a prevalent issue of Macon, Georgia.

Specifically in Village Green.

Questions such as those below have been asked:

What if you’re a child living in a blighted community that isn’t next to Mercer, or the hospitals, or downtown?  What if your blighted neighborhood is low-density?  What if your park space has little eyes in the park and is frequented by gang members?  Are you as a child not worth the city’s investment?  Does the city write off your neighborhood? 

How does one feel, while living in squalor, but knowing that there is something more out there- something that you can’t access?

You feel incomplete.2754-village-green-ln-macon-georgia-31206

Imagine yourself living in Village Green. The house next to you is boarded up, with no signs of habitation.

The park that you want to play in is unsafe due to gang members.

Because of the institutionalized discrimination that lurks, in regards to blighted communities, lots of work needs to take place. Frank Austin feels as if it’s his duty, as an African American male, to help upbuild Village Green and truly alleviate his “feeling of despair” will be quite difficult. However, with time it can be done.

The community of Macon needs to take a stand.

To want to “build up the community”, yet watch blighted areas diminish, is not a form of developing an area.

No child should have to play on a playground with “twisted, melted plastic”.

No child should think that they’re not worthy of the government’s investment.

The GPB, in Michael Caputo’s, “On the Ground – Battling Blight: Village Green’s CrusaIS1r5pkwgatd101000000000de” rightfully said, “What starts a community revival? What sustains it?”

Communities like Village Green should start a community revival and the fear of blight communities reoccurring should sustain it.

The issue cannot remain a Village Green issue.

The issue now must become a city of Macon issue.

Everyone has to see how redeveloping the community will create a better Macon.

Frank Austin and the Austin Center must continue to have the optimistic approach they have, despite the community and government’s response.


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